PHCN Eko Zone customers are now able to transact business with PHCN 24/7/365 with the introduction of the EEDC Recharge Card.

Customers can now purchase these cards and text the PIN on the card to either buy electricity units or pay their electricity bill.

The system creates great convenience and flexibility for customers to make payments as many times as they want and at any time they want.

The system guarantees PHCN revenue in real-time for each transaction.

Areas covered by Eko Zone
Eko Electricity Distribution Company covers the following areas.

• Lagos Islands
• Ajah
• Ibeju Lekki
• Ikoyi
• Mushin
• Ebute – Meta
• Ijora
• Badagry
• Festac
• Apapa
• Surulere

  Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I have sent a request and I have not gotten a response, how do I confirm my transaction?
Q: What is the amount of the transaction charges?
Q: I mistakenly scratched off the PIN, how can I retrieve my PIN?
Q: I scratched the card but cannot see any PIN on the scratch card.
Q: What services are available on this platform?
Q: What is the request format for all the available services?
Q: How many denominations of cards do you have?
Q: What meter types are valid for this service?
Q: I misplaced my card, how do I receive help?
Q: What mobile network is this service available on?
Q: Where can I obtain the scratch card?
Q: How can I become a dealer of the PHCN cards?
Q: How many times can I use the card?
Q: I am getting the response “There is a pending transaction on this Card”. What can I do?
Q: How can I use the e-receipt on my phone as proof of payment?
Q: I’m getting an error that “Card value insufficient for transaction”, what does that mean
Q: Can payments be reconciled immediately?
Q: What would be the evidence of payment?
Q: Can a single token be used on two different meters located in the same premises?
Q: Is it possible for someone to guess a token?
Q: Is there another way of getting the evidence of payment besides SMS?